Who we are

69 Playtime is one of Australia’s best-kept secrets! We offer premium quality sex toys and accessories at below-industry prices. We do this because we want Australians to have exciting sex lives without breaking the bank. We are one of Australia’s biggest online adult retailers. We stock a wide variety of toys including dildos, vibrators, masturbators, lubricants, anal toys, and even BDSM toys. The toys and accessories found of 69 Playtime are from a few preselected manufacturers to guarantee great quality. Meaning, all items on our site are safe and work exactly as described!

Our ownership

We are 100% Australian owned and operated. Our main investor is Queensland born and raised. He saw a need for a local adult retailer that understood Australians and what they really wanted. He did his research and teamed up with five like-minded friends and was born. That was in 2014. Now we’ve grown to a team of 20 that works round-the-clock to ensure Australians get the best adult toys wherever they are in the country. Every item you buy from us supports local jobs and the Australian economy! Buying sex toys has never been this patriotic!

Our standards

We want to make the sale and use of adult toys a fun experience. For this reason, we have created a simple, easy-to-browse website filled with exciting descriptions for all our items. We respect quality. We believe businesses only thrive if they continually offer customers the best products or services on the market! That’s why we only sell high-quality toys and accessories to ensure customers like you keep coming back for more! We love customers of all genders and relationship types. You won’t find anything offensive or pornographic on our site. However, since we sell adult toys, most of our descriptions are of sexual nature and should only be viewed by adults over the age of 18.

Fast and Discreet shopping

Since we are based right here in Queensland, you are more likely than not to receive your product within a week! The moment we receive your order, we will review it, find the item in our warehouse, inspect it, and then pack it in readiness for delivery! This can take between thirty minutes and two hours based on how busy the day is. The product will be packed in a plain Express Post bag. There will be no indications on the label as to who ordered the product, what’s inside, and where it came from. All the information you enter on our site will also be completely secured. We use a high-level encryption technology to protect your personal information (name, address, and payment details). Even your credit card statement will not show Instead, it will show you simply sent money to a guy called Peter!

Extended 30 Day Returns Policy

We work hard to guarantee customer satisfaction. Every product we sell is of premium quality! However, if you are not happy with your purchase, we will gladly replace the item or refund your money up to one month from the date of purchase.

Outstanding Customer Care

Enjoy the best customer care and support. We might be an online retailer but we strive to provide our customers with individualized care and support. We don’t just have set responses to questions. We listen, ask relevant questions, and then provide you with specific information to deal with your concerns. We are also very fast in responding to our customers. Send us an email and see how fast we will get back to you! See other contact details on our contacts page.