Protecting Your Personal Privacy

We, at 69 Playtime, take your personal privacy seriously. From the moment you visit our site to the time the postman (or woman) brings it to your front door, we take extra care to protect your personal information. By visiting our website you are agreeing with the information set out in this Privacy Policy. Please read the information provided carefully.

Types of data we collect from you

We collect two main types of data from those who visit our website – Cookies and Personal Information.

Cookies – These are small files with data on how you browse our website. For example, cookies could contain information on the types of toys you like and the ones you don’t like. We use cookies to improve your shopping experience. For instance, by knowing what most of our customers prefer we can stock more of those items to ensure they are always available for purchase.

Personal Information – You can browse our website anonymously. However, whenever you want to buy a product from us or even make an enquiry you need to provide personal information. When buying a product, your personal information will be used to confirm that you are over 18 years old, to verify your purchase, and to deliver the product straight to your doorstep. Also, with your permission, we may use your email to send you notifications about deals or special offers and promotions.

What we will not do with your personal information

69 Playtime company is based right here in Australia. You are protected by all the relevant information and privacy laws of Queensland and those of the Commonwealth government. We only use the information you give us to process your order and perhaps send you marketing emails. We do not and will never sell, trade, or freely give your personal information to any other third party. So, worry not about someone else knowing what you purchased or that you even purchased anything from us.

Choose the information you share with us

You always have a choice of choosing the type of information you share with us. You can easily delete cookies using your website browser. However, the website will recreate the cookies the moment you visit our site again. Remember, cookies do not contain personally identifying information. You can also unsubscribe from our email subscriptions. Do this by simply modifying your customer preferences in your Account Page. If, for any reason, you no longer want us to have your personal details, simply delete your account from our system or contact our Customer Care Department and it will be deleted for you!

How we secure your information

We protect all personal information using the latest and most advanced SSL technology. This technology encrypts all the personal information you give us. For example, your names, address, credit card number, and password will all be encrypted. No one else will be able to read this information even if they manage to have access to it which will also be very difficult. Even with this strong encryption technology you still have to exercise reasonable caution while making your purchase. For instance, only make your order on the verified website. Look for the green lock icon (before the URL). The presence of this icon means you are on a secure connection. Also, make sure you have the latest antivirus to protect your passwords from those who want to access your private information. Lastly, be sure to logout every time you are done browsing our site.

Any changes to this privacy policy

We reserve the right to make changes to this policy at any time. But still, any changes made will be compliant with local laws and internationally recognized privacy principles. Whatever changes we make to this policy will be made on this page and will be sent to all our email subscribers.

Contact us

If you have any concerns, complaints, or suggestions regarding our privacy policy, email us and we will quickly get back to you.