Anal Beads

Savour the best anal sensations!

The anus is a nerve-rich part of the human anatomy! Whether you are a man or woman, straight or gay, you need to try out the breath-taking erotic pleasures of anal sex – particularly when toys are involved. For us, the best anal toys do not just stretch one out, they also provide extra sensation such as beads or vibrations that further tease the known and unknown anal pleasure spots! This makes anal beads the best toys for anal stimulation! The best anal beads are smooth, made of silicone, and will stretch you out proper! And even though these anal toys come in a variety of sizes, most beads are smaller in size than many other sex toys making them comfortable and perfect for beginners!

Why buy anal beads?

Most anal beads are graduated. This means the smallest bead is closer to the tip (you insert this first) and the biggest bead is the last, next to the toy’s base! The kind of pleasure you can get from the best anal beads toys is unparalleled! No other toy can provide the same kind of anal stimulation a great anal beads toy can!

Anal beads are perfect for solo play and for play with your partner! When flying solo you can use it to explore your bum and savour some of the most stimulating pleasures! When playing or having sex with your partner you could insert the bead and then gently pull it out when he or she is cumming to make the experience even more magical for them!

How do anal beads feel?

Like any other insertable toy out there, the higher the quality, the better the toy feels against the skin (normally)! The best anal beads are smooth and provide a stretching feeling when being inserted or removed. This stretching sensation triggers or amplifies whatever erotic pleasures one is experiencing at the time! However, the main reason why advanced players continue using anal beads is the satisfying sensation they deliver when being gently pulled out when one is cumming! The feeling of the beads popping out of your ass as you gently pull the toy out of your rectum can greatly enhance or trigger a climax!

The toys in our Best Anal Beads Toys collection are made of superior quality materials such as steel, latex, plastic, rubber, and medical-grade silicone! Different materials deliver different sensations. If you are a beginner you should go for silicone, rubber or latex anal beads as these deliver a gentler sensation compared to other anal beads toys! Some of the metal ones can be used for temperature play – frozen or warmed to deliver even more sensations! Please remember not to insert anything extremely hot or cold in your anus!

Anal beads in Australia

The best anal beads in Australia are those of the highest quality. They are slim, graduated, and feel great when being inserted. Continue browsing this subcategory page and you will find some of the best quality anal beads in Australia!

How to use anal beads toys?

When using the best anal toys, you should read and follow all the safety instructions on the product manual and on the product description on our site! Before positioning yourself for some good fun, you should get yourself a proper anal lube/ relaxant! The lube will make it way much easier and enjoyable to insert the beads! Gently insert the beads beginning with the smallest one. Take your time to savour each and to get your rectum used the sensation! After a while you should be feeling pretty good in your rear end! Remember not to insert the pull-out string or the loop at the base of the toy! This string should remain outside to enable you to ‘quickly’ pull out the toy should the need arise!

Since you will be inserting the toy into your anus, you should always clean the toy after every use! Use warm soapy water to soak and running water to rinse the toy! An alternative way of cleaning the anal beads would be by buying an appropriate toy cleaner!

As you can see, you can have a lot of fun when using anal toys! Buy the best anal beads toys now to enjoy great sensations!

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