Butt Plugs

Explore your anal erogenous zones in a whole new way!

Discover new sensations by getting one of the best butt plugs in Australia! The anus is one of the nerve-rich centres of the body. Proper massage and stimulation of this part can result in some of the most intense orgasms you’ve ever had! Even though there are other anal toys which look more exciting, once you enjoy the delicious sensations delivered by a proper butt plug, there is no way you will be thinking about trying anything else! Butt plugs make you feel delightfully sensitive and can be used when flying solo or when having sex with a partner. Don’t miss out on much more powerful orgasms. Buy one of the best butt plugs in Australia on our site.

How do butt plugs feel?

The best butt plugs are made of silicone, TPR or some other high-quality material. Those made of silicone are the best of the best! This is because silicone feels naturally smooth when pressed against the skin. This allows it to provide the best sensations when inserted into the backdoor!

Most people who buy butt plugs do so because they want to experience a “full” feeling! Any toy of your choice from our Best Butt Plugs collection will give you this sensation and some more! Butt plugs also stretch out your butthole in preparation for bigger things! For those looking for a little bit of something extra, you should go for vibrating butt plugs! These deliver exciting vibes back there teasing and stretching you even further!

How to use the best butt plugs?

One should always read the product manual before using any toy. These manuals are packed with specific info on how to get the most out of toys and how to stay safe during play!

An anal lube will also help to make things much easier and exciting! Buy a good anal lube from us along with your butt plug and you will discover new sensations that you could never have dreamt of, even in your wildest dreams!

To start, apply good amounts of lube to the toy and to your butthole. This will make it easier to insert the plug. Slowly insert the toy, pausing every two to three seconds to allow your anus to get used to the sensation. If you are new to anal penetration, you should go for small butt plugs. Once you get used to the experience you can then upgrade to bigger butt plugs if you feel the need! Insert the whole thing but leave the base or pull-out string outside for safety purposes.

Some plugs can be lodged and left there for quite some time. Some people insert the plugs and go about their day-to-day businesses or chores enjoying the delicious sensations in their ass. Imagine inserting a vibrating butt plug and using a remote control to tease and stimulate yourself while in public! That is the kind of experience you could enjoy by getting one of the many toys in our Best Butt plugs collection!

What is the best butt plug in Australia?

Based on our sales, the best toy to insert in between your butt cheeks is The Oh Pleasure Pink Anal Plug. This great anal plug is made of TPR; a material that feels smooth and solid at the same time. This allows for easier and much more comfortable insertion. The fact that this anal plug is small in size makes it perfect for beginners. It has an insertable length of up to twelve centimetres – enough length to reach those pleasure spots buried deep in your ass.

Apart from the Oh Pleasure Pink Anal Plug, we also have a wide variety of other butt plugs meant for your satisfaction. They include; small butt plugs, vibrating butt plugs, big butt plugs, and many more! Whatever kinky anal sex desires you have, you are more likely than not to find the perfect toy for your needs in our great collection! Browse this subcategory now and see for yourself what your ass has been missing!

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