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Best Glass Dildos in Australia – Experience new exciting sensations!

Glass dildos are some of the coolest, most stylish sex toys currently available on the market! They offer exciting sensations that are unknown to many. First, they are firm and solid making insertion/ penetration that much easier (with a little bit of lube of course)! Second, the best glass dildos are made of Pyrex glass – a tough material which can be heated or iced to spice up play. You cannot do this with silicone or TPE dildos because extreme temperature changes will destroy them. Pyrex glass is also shatterproof making the best glass dildos 100% body-safe!

We stock some of the best glass dildos in Australia! We have a wide range of glass dildos on our site including big glass dildos, small glass dildos, and even those that are ribbed for added sensitivity and stimulation! Thus, whatever type of glass dildo you are looking for, you are more likely than not to find it here on our Best Glass Dildos Collection.


Most if not all glass dildos in Australia are reinforced for strength. Thus, dildos made of glass are not just about style and elegance, they can also be used for vigorous play when alone in the house. The best glass dildos are made of Pyrex glass. This material is more plastic than glass hence the added stability. However, you should always check your glass dildo for chips or cracks in case it falls as these may cause unnecessary tears! In case the dildo falls and it is still useable, put a condom on it for added safety. Moreover, glass dildos are also less likely to cause any types of skin reactions making them perfect for those with skin sensitivities!


Glass dildos are a must have for any adventurous woman! Even though many women are hesitant at first, they almost always fall in love with glass dildos after two to three uses! We won’t lie. All glass dildos are firm. However, they have soft edges that easily slide into your lady parts with a little bit of lubrication. The soft edges ensure you do not feel any sort of discomfort when pleasuring yourself with one of these cool glass dildos.

Why buy glass dildos?

There are many things that set the best glass dildos apart! First, glass dildos always look stylish and elegant. The best glass dildos are simply works of art. They bring about a cool and sexy mood for optimal pleasure! Second, glass dildos are solid and nonporous. This makes them easier to clean and therefore much safer than other dildos such as those made of plastic materials e.g. TPE, TPR, rubber or non-medical grade silicone. Third, glass dildos never wear out. If you take good care of it, it will last for a very long time. Lastly, almost all of them are made of Pyrex glass. The same glass used to make some cooking utensils. This allows you the user to heat or cool your dildo for exciting temperature play!

Using a glass dildo

After buying your preferred glass dildos online you should always read the specific instructions on the product manual. As mentioned before, glass dildos are 100% bodysafe. But still, reading the product manual and our comprehensive descriptions can make your experience with these toys much more enjoyable!

Most glass vibes are visually appealing. You will get turned on just by the thought of inserting one into your vagina! After admiring it for a couple of seconds rub it against your skin to get the feel of it. Apply some lube on the dildo and rub it against the outer lips of your vagina. The firm smooth edges of the dildo will definitely get you excited. And did you know you can use any type of lube on a glass dildo? Proper lubrication will enable easier insertion. Gently press the dildo against the opening of your pussy and it will slide right in! Thrust it in and out for maximum pleasure! Remember to clean your glass dildo after every use.

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