Realistic Penis Dildos

Realistic dildos- What are they?

Realistic dildos are the best alternative for when the real thing is not available, or if you want to try out different types and sizes of cocks!

Modelled from real penises, realistic dildos feature natural looking veins and testicles. Some are as straight as a rod whereas others are slightly curved. We even have dildos that have been modelled after the penises of real porn stars, allowing you to experience how it feels to have your favourite performer inside you! What’s more, materials such as UR3, silicone, and cyberskin are used in the creation of these dildos to provide a truly life-like feel to the user. These particular materials allow the dildos to assume and retain the body’s heat. To get the most out of your life-like dildo, we recommend massaging it with your hands or running some water over it to warm it up before insertion.

Specifically designed for penetration, real-feel dildos are perfect for both vaginal and anal stimulation. You can even use them to improve your oral skills! Other realistic dildos come equipped with sex harnesses which makes them perfect for remarkable strap-on sex! Boasting a huge collection of realistic dildos in different sizes, shapes, and designs, we are certain you will find what you are looking for on our online store.

Perfect for masturbation and couples’ play

Real-feel dildos are the perfect sex toys for women who long for the erotic, seductive sensations of a real penis during masturbation. Get to experience realistic sex during solo play with one of our real-feel dildos that will pleasure you like an actual penis! Featuring all of women’s favourite penis features such as a veiny shaft, a mushroom tip head, and life-like balls, what more could one ask for in a dildo! Whether your partner is not around, you are single, or you simply want some real fucking as you masturbate, a realistic dildo is the sex toy you need. However, that’s not to say that realistic dongs are only perfect for masturbation. They are also great sex toys for couples’ play.

Spice things up in the bedroom using one of our realistically moulded dildos with your partner. For those couples that want to turn their threesome fantasies into reality without the pressure of bringing another individual into the bedroom, this is the toy for you! If you are the adventurous type, why not try out a vibrating dildo to increase arousal even further? These cocks feature sensational vibrations that will have you or your partner cumming hard in just a matter of minutes!

Enjoy different sexual positions with our real-feel dildos!

Imagine having a companion that is always in the mood and ever ready to perform! This is one the benefits that come along with having your very own realistic dildo. These studs are ever firm and available for the fucking you desire! With our realistic dildos, the possibilities are endless! Enjoy sex wherever and whenever in all your favourite positions with one of our versatile life-like dildos. What’s great is that now you no longer have to wait for your partner for sex; your newly found companion is always ready to assist you whenever the craving strikes!

For hands-free sexual stimulation in whichever sexual position you desire, choose a suction cup dildo. If you are a doggie style lover, stick the suction cup dildo on the wall or bedpost and enjoy some nice pounding. Or perhaps you enjoy the cowgirl position. If so, stick your dong on the floor or chair and enjoy the ride. No matter what sexual position you are in the mood for, you can always enjoy over-the-top sexual stimulation with one of our realistic dildos.

A realistic dildo is a must-have for all women. Always have one in your bedroom so that you have something to satisfy your needs when you feel the urge.

Buy realistic dildos at Kinky Times

Everyone would love to experience the real thing even in the absence of their partner. It is for this reason that we, at Kinky Times, offer a vast selection of realistic dildos for you to choose from. Available in different shapes, sizes, designs, we have everything to satisfy everyone’s needs. So, worry not about finding what you are looking for; we have got you covered! Additionally, we offer great discounts on our products and our shipping is fast and discreet.

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