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Enjoy double stimulation by getting one of our superior quality vibrating dildos! Imagine the combination of vaginal penetration and an exciting buzzing sensation on your vaginal walls! That’s what our best vibrating dildos can do and some more! At we carry only the best vibrating dildos for your maximum satisfaction. We’ve got great vibrating dildos in all shapes and sizes. We’ve even got some which are very realistic, complete with bulbous heads, throbbing veins and everything else required for optimal sexual pleasure!

What are vibrating dildos? Are they any different from vibrators?

Unlike most vibrators which come in all manners of shapes and sizes, almost all vibrating dildos are penis-shaped! The best vibrating dildos are lifelike and made of materials such as TPE, Cyberskin®, or Futurotic® – that feel like real skin. They are also slightly curved, veiny, and have sizeable heads at the tip. Some even have balls and a scrotum–like cover at the base! Thus, you no longer have to wait for him to come home from work or the pub to give you a good pounding. You simply buy a vibrating dildo from us and pleasure yourself at your own pace – whenever and wherever you like!

Why buy vibrating dildos?

There is always a need to have a great sex toy for emergency. The best vibrating dildos are the ultimate adult toys. You can get big black vibrating dildos to stretch you and please you in ways you never thought possible, or get moderate ones with powerful vibrating speeds for the ultimate vaginal buzz! Whatever your needs are, you can rest assured that we’ve got the perfect vibrating dildo for you. Here are the top five reasons why most of our customers buy vibrating dildos.

  • Best vibrating dildos stimulate multiple senses: A good vibrator will provide you with double stimulation – penetration and vibration. You get to be stretched out really well during penetration and then get aroused by powerful vibrations! This can only lead to one thing – explosive orgasms!
  • Great fun with your partner: Who wouldn’t want to see a great toy easing in and out of his or her woman? Nothing could turn him on more than seeing you squirming and moaning as you savour the pleasures of a great vibe from us!
  • Best vibrating dildos fill the void: It happens to even the greatest lovers. Sometimes, as a woman, you might just be so good down there that he has no option than to cum after a few mighty thrusts! This might leave you unsatisfied. It is in these situations that a great vibrating dildo would come in handy. It could help you get there by yourself! The case is the same when he is out and about and you feel the need for penetration. You don’t have to wait for him to come back. Simply get your vibe and enjoy yourself.
  • Enhances your mood: Dildos enhance your mood! The feeling of empowerment and full erotic pleasure you can get from a great vibrating dildo can make you regret why you didn’t try one back in college!

Why buy vibrating dildos online from us?

Now that you know why you should buy a vibrating dildo, here are a couple of reasons why you want to do that on our site if you are in Australia. We are one of the best adult toy stores in the country and here is the proof. First, we only stock the best adult toys – you will never have any quality issues with us. Second, we guarantee your privacy. All our parcels are plain and don’t have any labels indicating what’s inside. Third, we are Australian to the core! Our owners are Australian and our warehouse is located right here in Melbourne. This means you can easily reach out to us if need be. Finally, we are an online sex shop. Unlike physical stores which you first have to find before having to worry about bumping into someone you know, our online shop allows you to make your order from the comfort and privacy of your home. Browse our collection and buy one of the best vibrating dildos in Australia now while stocks last!

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