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Natural penis enlargement!

“The bigger, the better…” that’s what most women say. Being well endowed down there is every man’s pride. But what if this is not the case the case for you? Worry not! We, at 69playtime have got you covered. Perhaps you have been wondering what it would be like to have a thicker and longer penis. Well, with the help of one our remarkable penis extenders online, you can have one! The best part is that no surgical procedures are involved; everything is done naturally!

With our great selection of penis extenders online, you do not have to worry about penis enlargement surgeries. Simply purchase one of our penis extenders and put it on for the required periods of time as per the manufacturer’s instructions. This is an ancient technique that has actually been proven to deliver results. In fact, the penis extender not only increases the length of the penis but also its width, resulting to that bigger penis that you have been longing for.

Do penis extenders work?

Yes! Penis extenders do work! Wearing a penis extender for the required amounts of time will certainly get you a longer penis. This technique has been used for hundreds of years. Have you ever wondered how ancient African tribes managed to fit ten thick metal rings around their necks? A similar technique is used to stretch the penis and with time the results will be noticeable.

What’s more, penis enlargement toys also offer relief from premature ejaculation as well as other erection related issues. Our penis enlargement toys are in fact designed with male issues in mind and aim to offer natural solutions to them. So, stop worrying and browse through our remarkable collection and buy penis extenders now!

How to use a penis extender

You just purchased your penis extender and you absolutely have no idea how to use it. Below is a simple guide on how to use and get the most of this great sex toy.

  1. Read the manufacturer’s instructions. This is a step that should not be skipped. It is through reading these instructions that you will get to know some specific details about your penis enlargement toy.
  2. Preparation- prepare the penis by wrapping a piece of cloth or gauze around the frenulum (positioned below the penis head). Covering the frenulum protects it from rubbing against the extender cradle.
  3. Connect one side of the extender strap to the extender cradle in order to secure the extender once applied to the penis. Leave the other side of the extender unattached. If you are left-handed, leave the left side unattached and vice versa.
  4. Insert the penis in the extender. Hold the penis below the glans (commonly referred to as the penis head), pull it towards the cradle and then slide the strap up over the shaft.
  5. Secure the extender’s straps, maintaining tension on the penis.
  6. Re-tighten the straps around two to three times on both sides, one side at a time. This ensures that the glans does not slide out of the strap. However, do not pull the strap too tight.
  7. Maintain a comfortable stretch of the straps. Try adjusting the extender until you feel comfortable. Don’t overstretch your shaft. Just like in any other exercise, overdoing it can lead to injuries.
  8. Apply some heat (warmth). This step is optional but we highly recommend it. Applying heat to the penis makes it more flexible and also encourages blood flow. Heat sources such as a warm rice socks could be used but never use a wet source as it can cause rusting to the metal parts of the penis extender.
  9. Wait! Carry out activities that can be done when sitting or lying down and do not need much movement, for instance watching TV or even reading a book.

Buy penis extenders online

If you are in search of the best penis extender online then you are looking at the right place. Buy penis extenders at 69playtime and rest assured of having nothing but high quality products in your collection.  Our penis enlargement toys do not cause any allergic reactions or irritation to the skin. Additionally, the materials used in their manufacture are strong and durable.

A longer and bigger penis will certainly reach her g-spot and will leave her begging for more. What are you waiting for! Place your order now while stocks last!

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