Penis Pumps

Enlarge your manhood with a penis pump

Who wouldn’t want a bigger manhood! With our penis pumps, you can now get that bigger penis that you have been dreaming of. With a great collection of penis pumps on our online store, be prepared to have your mind blown away. We have pumps with sleeves, and even those that feature a Cyberskin vagina. What’s more, all of our penis pumps online have been uniquely designed to cater for men of all sizes; nobody is left out. This is the ideal sex toy for all men.

Benefits of using penis pumps

First and foremost, just as suggested by the name, penis pumps can be used for enlargement of the penis. Enlarge your penis right before a passionate night of love-making with your lover or perhaps before masturbation. Penis pumps can be used on flaccid, semi-erect, or completely erect shafts to give you a firmer cock! With a thicker and longer shaft, you will certainly penetrate her deeper and most likely give her the best sex of her life! She will fall in love with every inch of your extra hard penis and having sex with you will be her new hobby! What’s more, penis pumping enhances sexual sensitivity leading to more satisfying stimulations and powerful orgasms.

Cock pumps are also suitable for use during masturbation. They create an airtight seal around the shaft that allows you to enjoy powerful, pleasurable sucking sensations. With different kinds of sleeves (realistic, standard, etc.) available in our collection, you can enjoy penis pumping in different ways. There are those with clear tubes that give you the opportunity to watch your shaft grow bigger, enhancing your stimulation and turning on your lover. We even have those featuring automatic pumps for hands-free enlargements. Simply put, we have the best penis pumps online that you will certainly enjoy using.

Penis pumps are also of great benefit to your sexual health. Cock pumps strengthen male erections that are normally weakened by mild erectile dysfunctions. The best cock pumps boost your libido and will get you back to normal in no time. This way, you get to improve your sex life with a stiffer cock to satisfy your lover.

How do penis pumps work?

When placed around the penis, a vacuum is created around the shaft and blood is specifically drawn to that region. One might experience increased sensitivity on their penis when using the pump, and decreased sensitivity or a tingling sensation later on as the extra blood exits the area and the shaft returns to its normal condition.

Your penis will somewhat swell as an outcome of the increased blood flow to the region. The change in size is, however, temporary. When the cock pump is removed the penis will gradually return to its pre-pumped state.

We recommend putting on a cock ring after the pump has been removed as this significantly helps in maintaining the pump-induced erection. Take off the penis ring after about 15 minutes or if it gets uncomfortable.

How to use penis pumps

Your best cock pump online has just arrived and you just can’t wait to get pumping. Start by applying a generous amount of lube around the penis. Apart from acting as an air seal for vacuum creation, applying lube will also keep the skin moist and prevent it from getting stuck on the sides of the cylinder while pumping. You might also consider trimming or shaving the hair around the shaft to help in creating the vacuum. Next, hold the cylinder against the penis as that encloses it and gently squeeze the pump bulb or handle until enough suction is created. Do not pump for more than 15 minutes at a go and stop pumping if you feel any discomfort around the penis.

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