Prostate Massagers

Prostate massagers – What are they?

Often regarded as vibrators for men, prostate massagers are uniquely designed to stimulate the prostate gland. The prostate gland is regarded as the male G-spot, or more specifically, the P-spot. It is a sacred spot in males which gives them good sexual feelings when properly massaged. This spot can be accessed via the anus given that it is positioned right below the bladder near the base of the penis. Also, its close proximity to the rectal wall leaves the anus as the most direct route of accessing this pleasure spot.

When properly massaged and stimulated, the prostate can lead to heightened pleasure and eventually explosive orgasms. Given that the prostate can only be minimally massaged or stimulated externally, the most pleasurable prostate stimulation would be achieved internally with the help of prostate massagers. It is for this reason that we stock the best prostate massagers online to satisfy all your kinky needs. Buy prostate massagers now to experience internal stimulation at a whole new level!

Most prostate massagers feature a large, bulbous head which rubs against the prostate, leading to maximum arousal. Some even have external stimulation features that allow for even better anal sex experience!

Why is prostate play incredibly sexually satisfying?

With the help of the best prostate massagers, there is no better play than prostate play. Why is this so? The prostate gland is filled with numerous nerve endings, which make it very sensitive to sexual stimulation. What you need is the right kind of sex toy to stimulate those nerve endings, and that is where prostate massagers come in. Prostate massagers have all the right features needed to stimulate your P-spot and get you cumming in a few minutes.

What’s more, P-spot stimulation also results to improved sexual health! The prostate gland plays a very important role in protecting the viability of your sperms and thus prostate massage can actually boost your sexual wellness. Additionally, massage of the prostate gland is essential in ensuring proper blood circulation for men. With our prostate massagers online, you not only get sexual pleasure but also the benefit of increased blood circulation to your genitalia. Buy prostate massagers from us and experience first-hand what we are talking about!

Enjoy prostate play with one of our prostate stimulators!

We, at 69playtime have the best prostate massagers online for you to enjoy during play. We are certain that you will not miss something to satisfy the kinky desires that you have been harbouring for a while now! Our prostate massagers come in all manner of shapes, colours, and sizes accompanied by different massaging and vibrating functions. For amateurs, we recommend starting out with small and simple massagers. Mini P-spot massagers are a good first choice for beginners as they are quite simple to use and clean, and are available in a variety of materials to suit your desired preferences. Once comfortable with the small prostate massagers, one can then advance to the bigger, vibrating kind. Bigger prostate massagers feature angled or curved handles for easier and more comfortable anal masturbation.

Do not be scared of switching things up in the bedroom – including your partner in play will make things even more enjoyable for you! In case you are feeling overwhelmed, our collection has numerous toys for those who are new to anal masturbators. Try out silicone prostate massagers for a silky-smooth feel, glass or steel massagers for temperature play, or rubber/ jelly massagers for firm yet supple penetration. As always, do not forget to include an appropriate lube during playtime. It will make insertion a lot simpler and the ride much more enjoyable.

Join in on the fun

Are you looking to buy prostate massagers? If so, 69playtime is your one stop shop! We have an incredible collection of prostate pleasers that include anal vibrators, dildos, plugs, and beads. What’s more our prostate massagers are available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate both beginners and advanced players.

Perfect for both solo and partner play, prostate massagers are sure to provide remarkable sensations that will precisely hit the P-spot! Place your order now while stocks last!

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