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Turn your sexual fantasies into reality

Sex dolls aka love dolls, are the perfect sex toys for men who want to turn their sexual fantasies into reality! Enjoy a realistic sexual encounter as you masturbate with one of our best love dolls. Similar to male strokers, these sex toys quench your thirst for real-feel penetrative sex. However, unlike other male masturbators, love dolls feature more realistic features. These dolls have made it easier than ever to bring your naughty desires to life! You can now easily enjoy fantasy sex with any woman of your dreams using one of the best sex dolls online! Be prepared to have more explosive orgasms each time you get off with one of these beauties.

What’s more, with these toys, you can enjoy sex in all your favourite positions. Whether you are a fan of the doggie style or the missionary position, sex dolls are ever ready to accommodate your shaft! Browse our interesting collection of the best love dolls online and be prepared to have your mind blown away! No matter the kind of sexual adventure you wish to explore, you can do them all with our sex dolls. Do not miss out on greater sexual satisfaction. Choose your favourite love doll now, from our extensive collection.

Buy sex dolls online from 69playtime! Boasting a huge collection of sex dolls online, we are certain that you will find what you are looking for in our collection. Below are the two main categories of sex dolls online.

Blow up sex dolls

These are the most basic sex dolls in our collection. They do not feature any masturbators. Instead, they feature plain holes that as part of their design. You could use them as they are once you have properly lubricated your desired love hole. However, we recommend pairing them up with a realistic dildo or pocket pussy. If you already own a handheld masturbator, getting a blow up sex doll that you can fit your stroker into, is an ingenious way of enhancing your solo play. You will experience masturbation in the most realistic way possible! For those who are new to sex dolls, inflatable love dolls are a good pick as they are much cheaper and are a great way of easing into such play. The beauty of inflatable love dolls is that you can easily inflate or deflate them, making them great travel companions. They are also quite easy to store and carry around allowing you to pleasure yourself virtually everywhere you go. Best of all, your love doll will always be ready for sex whenever you are; she will never turn you down!

Life-like sex dolls

Realistic blow up sex dolls: These are simply a pimped out versions of the basic blow up sex dolls. Instead of featuring plain loveholes, these love dolls have removable or in-built vaginas. Additionally, they come with a vibrator to enhance the pleasurable sensations. Some also feature extras such as a storage bag, an air pump for inflating, and renewer powder for keeping the doll in good shape. These sex dolls also tend to be more attractive compared to the basic inflatable dolls. Their realistic features such as the hair, hands, and breasts make your solo playtime even more heated up.

Realistic sex dolls: These are top-notch sex dolls built and designed for the ultimate sexual experience. They look and feel like real human beings. They are made of special silicone materials that feel like real skin. All the loveholes also feel like the real thing! So, if you have a little bit of extra cash to spend, a realistic love doll is a great purchase. And what better place to buy sex dolls than at!

Buy sex dolls online at 69playtime

We have sex dolls for all preferences; from those dressed in schoolgirl skirts to big-busted ethnic beauties. Whatever your preference, we are certain you will find something to impress you in our online store. Most of our sex dolls come with adult DVDs to make your playtime even more arousing. Buy sex dolls from us to take solo play to the next level!

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