Kegel Balls

What are Kegel balls?

Also known as Ben Wa Balls, jiggle balls, or duo balls, Kegel balls are literally a pair of stringed balls inserted into the vagina for sexual stimulation. They also help strengthen the pelvic muscle for greater enjoyment of penetrative sex with your partner! This is because the strengthening of the pelvic walls results in a tighter vagina, and enhanced orgasms! The balls come in a variety of brands, sizes, weights, and colours. Finding the right product that will satisfy your needs is a piece of cake especially on our site. We have extensive product images and descriptions to help you to quickly make an informed choice.

Types of Kegel balls online

If you have never used Kegel balls before, start with smaller, and lighter balls. Once you get used to the experience of using the smaller versions you will naturally proceed to larger and heavier balls. One of the most popular types of Kegel balls online are the Sportsheets S&M The Steel Balls. These steel balls are simple and often deliver great pleasure to both amateurs and experienced users. They are also easier to clean.

Other types of Kegel balls online include those made of marble, TPE plastic, or silicone. Each type of material delivers a different kind of sensation. So if you don’t like the steel balls because they feel a bit cold you could try out silicone Kegel balls. You will find those more natural and definitely less cold. Or you could use a warming lube to get the steel balls warmed up for maximum pleasure. Almost all types of Kegel balls have a pull-out string attached for safe retrieval after use. So you don’t have to worry about having to go to the clinic to get stuck Kegel balls removed!

Using Kegel balls

Kegel balls can be used at home or when out and about! As a beginner, you might want to try using them at home first before going shopping with Kegel balls inside you. To use, one simply needs to insert the balls into the vagina and use her pelvic muscles to clench around the balls. This simple exercise will help to target and strengthen the right vaginal muscles. It is important to lubricate the balls before inserting them as this will help make it easier to push them inside. Start by pressing the first ball into the vagina and then the next. Once both balls are inserted, continue pushing them into the vagina until you reach a level when you feel they are safely tucked in, but make sure the removal loop remains outside the vagina for safe retrieval.

Your vaginal walls will automatically hold the balls inside so you do not have to worry about learning how to clench. After using Ben Wa balls two or three times, you will definitely be looking forward to the next session. This is because you will feel a sense of arousal that you have never felt before. Having penetrative sex with your partner will also feel more exciting for the both of you. You will feel as if he has become bigger, and he will definitely feel you have become tighter down there!


Like any other toy, there are some things you should know before using Kegel balls. First, you should only buy Kegel balls of high-quality. All the Kegel balls on our site are preselected from a small group of manufacturers. The balls are of the highest quality possible and you are not likely to experience any adverse effects using them. Second, you should make sure that the removal string/ pull-out cord remains outside when using Kegel balls for quick removal if need be. Third, you should clean the balls between every use. You do not need a toy cleaner to do this even though you can buy one from us. Click here to find some of the best Kegel balls toy cleaners on our site. The easiest and cheapest way to clean your Ben Wa Balls is by rinsing them in hot soapy water. The balls will be clean and ready for use within a few minutes.

Get Kegel balls today and have some hot fun, won’t you?

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