Duo Balls

What are Duo Balls?

Also commonly referred to as Ben Wa Balls, orgasm balls or Geisha balls, Duo balls are simply balls that are inserted into the vagina to strengthen or stimulate the muscles of the pelvic floor. Inside these balls are weighted smaller balls which move around as an individual moves providing some little amount of vibration or stimulation. The kegel muscles hold the duo balls in place, which in turn leads to the strengthening of those muscles and eventually better orgasms. There are even those women who use these duo balls to stimulate them in order to get them in the mood for sexual intercourse later on with their partner.

Most, if not all duo balls feature a string that joins the two balls and a pull-out string for removal. For centuries, duo balls have been popular in Asian countries and became much popular globally after their mention in the well-known novel 50 Shades of Grey. Even though duo balls have evolved over time, the basic concept of how they work is still the same.

What do they do?

Several factors can weaken women’s pelvic floor muscles. These factors include pregnancy, childbirth, weight gain, and aging. The muscles of the pelvic floor support the bladder, bowels, and womb and duo balls are a great way of keeping these muscles in good shape. Simply insert these balls up your vagina and hold them in place, tightening your pubococcygeus muscle (the muscle that contracts when you orgasm). One of the most effective ways of toning this muscle is through kegel exercises, and duo balls are the best devices to do just that!

Apart from enhancing a woman’s sensual pleasure, Ben Wa Balls also improve bladder control and tone vaginal muscles after childbirth.  What’s great about these sex toys is that they can be used anytime! They can be used when running errands or when doing your routine house chores.

From the conventional marble-sized glass balls to the larger balls featuring a small bead inside them for extra stimulation, Kinky Times offers a great variety of duo balls for you to take your pick from. Our collection comprises of duo balls of different sizes and designs, including partner-friendly balls which have vibration functions. So, for the best duo balls online, you know where to shop!

Choosing the right duo balls

Kinky Times is without a doubt one of the few places to find the best duo balls online. However, choosing the right duo balls might seem somewhat difficult if you have actually never used them before. Here, at Kinky Times, we offer a variety of duo balls featuring adjustable weights, which allow you to start off with a smaller weight and then gradually build yourself up to heavier weights as your pelvic floor muscles strengthen over time. For instance, the Lelo Luna beads come with two sets of balls.  The varying weights can be used in different combinations as the pelvic floor strengthens.

In case you are not sure which size is right for you, we suggest that the more mature women or those women who have given birth to go for medium to large-sized balls. Younger women or those women who are yet to give birth should go for the smaller balls.

How to use your duo balls

Your duo balls have just arrived and you cannot wait to unwrap and use them. Below is a simple example of just one of the several techniques of using duo balls:

  • Lubricate your vagina and insert the duo balls. Make sure the pull-out string remains outside.
  • Ensure that you are comfortable, either by lying on your back or sitting in a chair.
  • Squeeze the pelvic floor muscles for about five seconds, or if you are starting out try squeezing for 2-3 seconds.
  • Relax the muscles for 10 seconds and then repeat the squeezing exercise 10 times.

Duo balls or the famous Ben Wa Balls are a must-have for all women. Their benefits cannot be overlooked! So, browse through our remarkable selection to get the best duo balls online!

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