Sex lubes for men

Enhance your sexual pleasure with one of our sex lubes. Whether you are looking for something to intensify playtime with your lover, or something to make your solo session even better, our great collection of sex lubes will surely not disappoint. A truly satisfying and explosive sexual experience can only be achieved if sufficient lubrication exists.

69playtime Lubes

When it comes to lubes, we are the best! Our lubes and lotions are the ultimate erotic accessory; they are a must-have! They can be used along with your favourite sex toy or during intercourse with your partner. Our sex lubes have been specially designed to minimize friction between two rubbing parts whilst enhancing pleasure! To enjoy a smooth and slippery ride, make sure to incorporate a generous amount of lube during your playtime. You might otherwise regret skipping this important step.

Personal lubes are a crucial part of enjoying masturbation or sexual intercourse. At times, no matter how sexy and aroused one is, the body might not always secrete the required amount of lubrication necessary to make playtime a bit more sensual. This is where sex lubes come into play. Lubes not only ease penetration, but also make things a bit more sensual.  Regardless of the type of play you are into, be it vaginal or anal, incorporating your favourite lube will certainly make the ride a lot smoother. Our lubricants and lotions are available in different combinations, concentrations and features. The two broad categories are water-based lubes and silicone-based lubes.


Silicone and water-based lubes

If you need a sex lube that will survive the longest and most vigorous love-making sessions, then a silicone-based lube is what to go for. These lubes never dry out! They are especially great for anal penetration, but can be used for vaginal and oral sex too. For those who are into under-water adventures, these lubes are perfect as they are 100% water proof; they do not wash away easily! On other hand, water-based lubes offer the same benefits as silicone-based lubes, but are less viscous. They are not suitable for wet play as they easily wash away. Nonetheless, they are suitable for all other sorts of play; anal, vaginal, or oral, and are also compatible with all sex toy materials such as glass, rubber, plastic, and silicone. What’s more, they are very easy to clean up.

Extra Sensation Lubes

There are lubes that have been manufactured and formulated to provide the user with extra sensation. These kinds of lubes offer an additional sense of arousal and pleasure during masturbation and sex. They include warming and cooling lubes.  Warming lubes provide you with the same benefits of a normal lube but with an extra warming sensation.  Depending on the type of lube, the warming sensation activates upon contact with skin or when blown. Cooling lubes, on the other hand, offer the same benefits of a normal lube but with an extra cool and tingling sensation. They often have a minty taste thus making them perfect for oral sex.

Flavoured Lubes

To make foreplay or oral sex even more pleasurable, why not try out one of our edible and flavoured lubes! From tangy tangerine to sweet strawberry, our flavoured lubes are available in different flavours to tantalize your taste buds. These lubes open doors for more oral adventures. Apply some flavoured lube on him before giving him that mind blowing blowjob, or smear a generous amount on her and give her some tasty licking before giving her some nice pounding. Experience foreplay and oral play like never before with one of our delicious flavoured lubes.

Buy Sex Lubes Online

No sexual experience is complete without a nice lube to accompany the ride. Buy sex lubes online here at 69playtime and enjoy great prices and discounts. With a huge collection of sex lubes for you to choose from, we assure you that you will find whatever you are looking for in our online shop. Worry no more about experiencing painful and uncomfortable penetrations, or getting skin cuts. No matter where your imagination takes you, 69playtime has got you covered! With that said, you know where to buy sex lubes online. Get browsing!

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