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Best Anal Lubes in Australia – Indulge yourself in a little bit of backdoor fun!

Explore our wide range of premium quality anal lubes and relaxants for the best anal stimulation. Our best anal lubes relax, desensitize, and even pleasure your backdoor allowing you and your partner to gently ease into things! Whether you are an experienced player or you are just starting out with anal play, we have a variety of anal lubes for that wild ride you’ve been craving for! All our lubes and quality anal relaxants come from big brand manufacturers such as System JO, Durex Play, MOIST, and the likes!

How do anal lubes work?

The best anal lubes contain active ingredients to help mildly numb your anal hole. This will help that part of the body relax and become a little bit wider for penetration. With a quality relaxant, you no longer have to worry about discomfort during sex. Remember, no matter how good your relaxant is, it shouldn’t make you change (the tried and true) slow and gentle approach to anal play and penetration!

Moreover, unlike regular sex lubes, anal lubes are much thicker. This greatly reduces friction protecting the sensitive skin of the anus during penetration. The great reduction in friction will help you enjoy anal sex more, whether you are playing with toys or your partner is taking you from the back!

Who should buy anal lubes?

If you are new to anal sex you should definitely go for anal lubes. They will get you in the right frame of mind to enjoy the new experience. Moreover, relaxing your anal muscles is not an easy thing to do on your own. Having quality anal relaxants on your bedside drawer is a wise move even for the experienced. Some of anal lubes are fused with stimulants that deliver a variety of arousing sensations.

What are the best anal lubes in Australia?

As mentioned before, we have a variety of anal lubes and relaxants for your enjoyment. You can easily find the right lube for your specific preferences. The best anal lubes for you might not be the best for another person. This is because we all have different needs. For instance, you might be using an anal sex toy that is not compatible with certain type of anal lube or relaxant (e.g. toys made of silicone which are not compatible with silicone-based anal lubes). However, we have one suggestion that might work for most of people.

Based on our sales, the best anal lube in Australia is JO Anal Premium lubricant! Everything about this lube will make you want to have anal sex every day of the week. First, it is thick! This allows you to have pleasurable sex without having to worry about rupturing your sensitive anal skin. Second, it is long lasting. No more discomfort in the middle of play or having to stop play every now and then to reapply lube. Lastly, it is completely waterproof! You can have wild wet sex in the shower, Jacuzzi, or even the tub without having to worry about a thing.

Safe play when using the best anal lubes

It is important to always practice safe play when using lubricants. No matter how good an anal lube or relaxant is, you should always be gentle. The best anal lubes work! They will deliver the goods! You might feel fresh, a bit wider back there, and perhaps even a little bit numbed. However, you should not take this as the go ahead to engage in rough anal play. The anus is still the anus and it is not used to penetration unless you are a very experienced player. But still, regardless of your experience levels or how great you feel in your backdoor, you should always take things slow and gentle. Believe me, you will still enjoy the wonderful joys of anal penetration.

As you can see, if you want to have the best fun during anal play, you should always have with you a quality anal lube! Browse our collection now to find the best lubes for anal play!

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