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Best Cooling lubes in Australia – take play to the next level!

Cooling lubes are all about experiencing that tingling sensation. Buy a premium quality lube from us now to discover a whole new set of erotic sensations that you’ve never felt before. It could the thing that finally gets you to experience that long and hard orgasm you’ve been craving for! Read on to find out more about the best cooling lubes online, and the reasons why you should buy cooling lubes from us.

How cooling lubes work

Not all cooling lubes are born the same. Most cooling lubes feature different active ingredients. These ingredients work in different ways to deliver a cooling/ tingling effect. Here is a classification of cooling lubes based on their active ingredients.

Menthol – This is the active/ co-active ingredient in all lubes with mint in them. It manmade and safe for use on the skin. It provides a chilling effect when applied. Menthol has a strong scent that might put off some people. It is also known to cause some mild skin reactions in some people!

Peppermint – When you see Mentha piperita extract as one of the active ingredients expect a peppermint scent and taste. This extract is the same ingredient used in making peppermint tea and gum. It is closely related to menthol and provides a super cooling effect when exposed to air. Peppermint is natural and 100% body-safe. Apart from being used to tease and please, it can also be used to deliver an erotic and sensual massage. This is because it can relieve muscle tension and soreness! Just make sure you go for one that is oil-based for that extra slipperiness if you want to use it for massage!

Vanillyl Butyl EtherThis chemical is the active ingredient behind hypoallergenic cooling lubes. It is very body safe and the least likely cooling lube active ingredient to cause any skin reaction. It delivers a cooling effect that is almost at per with peppermint-powered cooling lubes!

Using cooling lubes

The active ingredients mentioned above are often used to make three main types of lubes – water-based lubes, silicone-based lubes, and oil-based lubes. The best cooling lubes are those which are water-based. This is because they are the some of the safest, most natural lubes and can easily be cleaned off. They are also less expensive than oil and silicone-based cooling lubes.

When using lubes, it is important to first test one or two drops of the lube on your forearm to confirm if there is anything in it that could irritate your skin. If you do not like the sensations you can easily wash away the lube with running water. If the lubes feels good even after 3 to 4 minutes – if you can wait that long – apply small amounts to your genitalia and rub gently to start enjoying the sensations. The best cooling lube could bring back the fire and passion to your bedroom.

Best cooling lube in Australia

The best cooling lube in Australia based on our sales is the System JO Coconut Hybrid Lubricant Cooling lube! This lube has all it takes to turn boring sex into a wild sex romp!  It smells nice (like coconuts), has a great cooling effect, and does not stick. Of course it is super smooth. It’s System JO – they always deliver the goods! The bottle also has a non-drip dispenser that will keep the sheets clean (if you worry about that sort of thing)!

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