Flavoured Lubricants

Enjoy oral sex like never before!

Quite a number of people will not engage in oral sex without any flavoured lubes! This is how addictive the best flavoured lubes are! They help you enjoy oral sex by adding an element of taste. We all enjoy food, don’t we? Good tasting food is a satisfying experience on its own. Well, the same can be said of sex lubes. The best flavoured lubes taste so good that you will want to have it with whenever you go down on him or her! What’s more, the person on whom the flavoured sex lubricant is applied enjoys the “application” and the stimulation delivered by you as you thoroughly enjoy yourself licking or eating out the lube.

Key benefits of using flavoured lube!

The original “taste” of oral sex is often mentioned as a turn-off by many people. Flavoured lubricants have changed this by adding great taste and erotic welcoming scents!

The main benefit of using these lubes is obviously the flavour! Flavoured sex lubricants make oral sex much more enjoyable and pleasurable for both partners. These lubes come in a variety of fruity tastes such as strawberry, apple, and cherry, to quickly get you in the mood. Other flavours such as chocolate and caramel Ice Cream are also available to indulge your taste buds.

The best flavoured lubes also provide sufficient slipperiness for penetrative sex! Now you get the double pleasure of giving him earth-shattering blow jobs and then riding his fully-erect, well-lubricated manhood! Your weekend getaways just got a whole lot better!

Types of flavoured lubes to devour

There is no single classification system for flavoured lubes. The types listed below are based on the ingredients used to make the lubricants and other factors such as flavour and use.

Water-based lubes

Most flavoured lubes are water-based. Water-based lubes are some of the safest on the market. They are non-abrasive and taste way better than other types of lubes. Their only disadvantage is that you have to reapply them every now and then as these types of lube “evaporate” faster. But still, most water-based flavoured lubes have glycerine to give them a little bit of thickness and “oiliness”. The likes of Ice Cream caramel, mint, and chocolate flavoured lubricants are often water-based.

Fruit flavoured lubes

Try fruit flavoured lubes today to take oral sex to the next level. Most fruit flavoured lubricants are safe, and do not have an unpleasant after-taste!

The best flavoured sex lubricant in Australia

We stock the best flavoured lubes in Australia. This made the task of selecting the best lube quite difficult. However, after a brief debate we settled on the Durex Play Sweet Strawberry Flavoured Lubricant. Durex is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of sex toys and accessories and this lube doesn’t disappoint in this regard! It has a fresh, sweet strawberry taste that could quickly get you in the mood for what’s to come next. The lube is also quite slippery. This makes it perfect for penetrative sex. You no longer have to endure vaginal dryness or let his semi-erect member prevent you from having fun. Simply get the best flavoured lubricant in Australia and have that breathless romp you’ve been dreaming about!

How to use flavoured lubes

The key to having fun with flavoured lubes is applying them in small quantities. Many great brands manufacture quality flavoured lubes that are actually very tasty! Excessive application could make things a bit too sweet.

Safety tips

Quite a number of women are worried about applying something tasting so sweet and with some foreign ingredients on their lady parts. Many cite glycerine as the number one reason not to apply flavoured lubes to the vagina as this ingredient can be broken down to sugar molecules which could cause irritation and infections. However, you should ignore this line of thinking as the vagina doesn’t have what it takes to break down glycerine to the potentially harmful sugars.

In summary, now that most flavoured lubes are safe for use down there. But still, it will not hurt to read the product manual and description to get more specific safety instructions and usage information. Get the best flavoured lubes from us now and enjoy great discounts!

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