Warming Lubricants

Experience tingling sensations – buy warming lubes now!

The best warming lubes are the holy grail of sex accessories. These lubes can do great wonders to your sex life! First, they make things more slippery. It’s like you just got super wet for him! As if this if not enough, warming lubes deliver a tingling sensation that will arouse you even further getting you mentally ready for penetration. The end results? Stronger and prolonged orgasms for the both of you! What more would one ask for in a sex lubricant?

Most warming lubricants are good for both solo sex and vaginal penetration. Warming lubes are obviously great for most people. They work even better for women over 40 experiencing slightly decreased sensation in their lady parts because of the drop in circulating hormones. The best warming lubes could help such women to enjoy themselves in the same way younger women do by increasing sensitivity in the vagina.

How do warming lubes work?

Well, this is quite simple. The warming sensation is often caused by an active ingredient known as capsaicin – the same ingredient that makes chilli peppers hot! Don’t let this scare you. The one used in warming lubes is a much milder version of the real thing. It is fused with other ingredients to be gentler on the skin so you don’t have to worry about any adverse effects (unless you are allergic to capsaicin itself)! If you really don’t want to apply anything with pepper, go for warming lubes with minty ingredients that provide a similar warming sensation!

Types of warming lubes in Australia

There are two major types of warming lubes in Australia. The safest and most popular types of warming lubes in the country are those which are water-based. These types of lubes can be used for solo sex and to make things more wet and slippery during penetration. The second most popular types of warming lubes in Australia are those which are oil-based. Oil-based warming lubes are great for play with self or with a partner. They are specifically meant for use on external genitalia. They provide extremely good lubrication by significantly reducing friction.

The best warming lube in Australia

When thinking of the best lubes in Australia, two prominent brands come to mind – Durex and System JO. Our Best Warming Lubes collection has these and many other brands. Our staff settled on Durex Play 50 ml warming lube as the best warming lube in Australia after much debate. This lube delivers a fabulous slipperiness that would make any solo sex session much more pleasurable. The pleasurable warming sensation is gentle unlike that provided by other lubes of the same price range. You can also easily dispense just the right amount with its perfectly-shaped bottle and convenient dispenser! These features make it perfect for beginners and for those who might be fearful of having anything extremely warm on their nether regions! Get this lube now at a greatly discounted price!

How to use warming lubes

To have the most fun while using warming lubes, apply minimal amounts. Excessive application of the best warming lubes can cause extra sensitivity which could quickly kill the mood for sex.

Men can apply both oil-based and water-based lubes on their penises. However, men should avoid applying oil-based lubes on their “members” if they intend to have penetrative sex with their female partners. Oil is bad for vaginal health. Women should only use water-based warming lubes and this should only be on external genitalia.

The best way to use warming lube is by gently applying small amounts of lube, three to four drops on the penis or on the clit and other erogenous zones on the vagina!

Safety first

Do not apply warming lube if you are experiencing any irritation on your private parts. As mentioned before, most warming lubes contain Capsaicin as the active ingredient. Applying them while experiencing any irritation could make your vagina feel as if it were on fire! Only use it if you are 100% healthy down there!

Wrapping it all up

As you can see, warming lubes are some of the best lubricants for the job. They provide a warming sensation that could arouse you and a good amount of slipperiness that is good for penetrative sex. Browse our collection now to get yours!

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