Water Based Lubricants

Get the best water-based lube in Australia for the most natural lubrication

There are three main types of sex lubes! The best and most body-safe sex lubes are water-based lubes – lubricants whose main ingredient is water. The other two main types of lubricants are silicone-based and oil-based.

Water-based lubes provide a pleasurable “greasing” sensation and can be used when masturbating or when having sex with a partner. If you’ve never used lube then a water-based lubricant would be the perfect introduction for you! The moment you try it in bed, you will wish you had known about it earlier!

Benefits of water-based lubes

Water isn’t the only ingredient in water-based lubes. Different types of water-based lube have other ingredients meant to make these types of lubes thicker, more slippery, and perfect for masturbation and penetrative sex! Say goodbye to vaginal dryness and hello to longer, smoother, and more pleasurable sex!

The fact that water-based lubes feature water as the main ingredient means they can easily be washed off. You no longer have to soak yourself for in a bath to get lubricants off your skin. Cleaning water-based lubricants off beddings and toys is also much easier compared to cleaning other types of lubricants!

Water-based lubricants are also the most natural lubes on the market. The best water-based lubes feel very natural against the skin. They also significantly reduce friction without necessarily feeling greasy!

Lastly, water-based lubes can be used with all types of toys and sex accessories. This is in contrast to silicone-based lubes that should not be used on silicone toys and oil-based lubes that should not be used with latex condoms! What’s more, on top of all these advantages, water-based lubes are way cheaper than oil and silicone-based lubes.

Choosing the best water-based lubes in Australia

There are dozens if not hundreds of different types of water-based lubes in Australia! This makes it somewhat difficult to choose the best water-based lubes.

The best water-based lube is that which is slippery, doesn’t stick, is fused with body-friendly ingredients such as Vitamin E, Aloe Vera, and Carrageenan, and does not have petroleum products, glycerine, or parabens*.

However, getting a water-based lube that meets all of these standards is as easy as finding the mythical Loch Ness monster! Instead, you should look for one that meets most of them!

What is the best water-based lubes on

Based on our sales, JO H20 is the best water-based lubricant. Even though it doesn’t meet all the “standards” set above it is one of the best water-based lubes ever made! It is super smooth (like silicone), doesn’t feel sticky, has no taste or scent, does not stain, and is available in a variety of sizes! You would think that a lube that feels like silicone will be difficult to wash out but it isn’t. Washing fabrics “stained” with this lube is a breeze! The lube is compatible with all types of toys and is latex safe. Never has great sex been as easy as a few drops of lube. Try it now and you will thank us later for the great nights and mornings (or even late afternoons – we don’t judge)!

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*Petroleum products clog skin pores, Parabens have been linked to breast cancer while glycerine could result in yeast infections.

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