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Best massage oils in Australia – take sensual massage to a whole new level

Sensual massage is all about bringing lovers together through enhancing their physical and emotional connection. A proper sensual massage with one of the best massage oils in Australia could turn a regular night into a night of passion, love, and wild sex! The best oils release tension in all those sore muscles, and get you in a relaxed erotic mood! There is no better way to start play or prepare yourself for a great night than by getting a full body massage from your partner!

Why buy erotic massage oils?

Great question! The answer to this is quite simple. People buy erotic massage oil for sensual massage. Most of the times, couples communicate verbally. Physical communication of intimacy comes perhaps through play and penetration. You will agree with us that there is no better way to demonstrate physical intimacy or love than by giving a full body massage. When your partner fully works on your naked body, touching, stroking, and rubbing away all that tension from your muscles you feel a deeper level of connection. Taking away muscle tension and the related stress is also a good way of relaxing the mind and creating a small paradise for the two of you.

A great full body massage using one of our quality sensual massage oils will have multiple benefits on your health and on your emotional and sexual relationships!

Using the best massage oils in Australia?

For the best sensual, full-body massage, you should first prepare a spot in your bedroom for the massage. Both of you will probably be naked so turn up the heat a little bit. This will help keep you warm and in the right mood during the entire massage.  Then spread some sheets or even a towel on top of the bed or sofa where your partner will lay down for the massage. Make sure you don’t have a problem getting those sheets stained as some erotic massage oils are known to be difficult to wash off! At this point, switch off your regular lights and light up some sensual candles. Most regular lights are harsh and will not get your partner in the right mood for relaxation. Switch off your TV, radio, phone, or any other thing that might distract you midway!

When the candles are lit, the sheets are spread, and the heater is working as it should, then you are perfectly set for the massage. The key about using even the best massage oils is to take things slow. Give every area of your partner’s body full attention. Start from the calves and go up slowly. Skip the inner thighs and go up the back! When done kneading, rubbing, stroking and caressing all other major muscle groups, finish with the inner thighs and the genitals. Remember to always maintain body contact once you begin. Keeping your bodies close during the entire massage session gives you a connection that could make things really exciting if the situation escalates to sex (which it always does)! Also, always ask for feedback. This will let you know whether to stay on some spot a little bit longer or to take things down a notch!

The best sensual massage oils in Australia

Based on our sales, the most popular erotic massage oil in Australia is the JO All-In-One Citrus Massage Oil. This silicone-based massage oil has everything needed for the perfect massage. It is specially formulated with essential oils for a healthy, silky-smooth massage. It doesn’t dry quickly or even feel greasy. This means it continues to feel great and pleasurable on your skin during the entire massage session. What’s more, it can also be used as a personal lubricant! You read that right. After getting that perfect massage and being fully aroused and stimulated with all that touching, you most probably will want to have sex! You can use the same lube to take things to the next level (penetration)!

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