Spice up your sex life – Experience longer and more powerful orgasms with arousal gels!

Arousal gels aka clitoral gels, sex stimulants, or clitoral stimulants, are to women what delay sprays are to men! Delay sprays enable men to delay ejaculation and have bigger and longer cocks for more fun and pleasure during penetrative sex. Clitoral gels do the same to women. They will arouse you and stimulate you in such a way that you will have longer and more powerful orgasms than you’ve ever experienced before!

At we’ve got some of the best and most effective arousal gels in Australia! You might be sceptical but these gels have been formulated by some of the biggest and most trusted brands in the sex toy industry. They have also been tested and proven to work. Within a matter of minutes of applying any of the quality gels on our store, you will be wet and ready for play or penetration. You clit will be begging for any form of contact. The best arousal gels will turn you on and heighten pleasure in such a way no man (or woman) has ever done to you before. A few minutes with the right gel on your clit and you will literally be begging your partner to “finish you off!”

Who are they great for?

Arousal gels are great for every woman out there who is still having sex. For the young, especially those who have never experienced orgasms before, this is the ingredient you’ve been missing. Now those big toys or that big guy you are dating can finally get to see your eyes rolling and your body shaking vigorously as you experience a powerful orgasm. These gels are also great for middle-aged women. When you hit 40 or 45, the amount of circulating blood reaching your genitals decreases. This reduces sensitivity in that part of your body. A great arousal gel could help reverse the situation. It could make your clit sensitive again almost like you felt when you first had great sex!

Clitoral gels can also be applied on the nipples or the penis to stimulate these areas.

How do clitoral sex stimulants work?

Well, the process is rather simple. All clitoral stimulants contain some sort of active ingredient or chemical. The active ingredient could be Capsicum, L-Arginine, Peppermint, or Menthol. Let’s start with the last. Menthol provides a tingling effect when it comes into contact with the skin. It sensitizes you (awakens your nerves) allowing you to enjoy sex more. It also warms or cools. The likes of Capsicum and peppermint oil deliver warming sensations. However, they are weaker sex stimulants than menthol. L-Arginine is the odd active ingredient. It stimulates you by increasing the size of your blood vessels allowing for more blood to flow in. Increase in blood follow increases sensitivity. It also delivers a warming sensation.

Why should you get an arousal gel?

The first reason is obvious, to enjoy yourself. Maybe you want to orgasm or perhaps you want to orgasm in a way you’ve never done before! These gels can get you there! Arousal gels also allow you to experience more sensations including tingling, warming, or cooling. The application of the gel could also give you an erotic feeling. Some women use arousal gels to increase amount of blood circulating to their genitals so that they can re-experience the youthful sensitivity of the clit and the labia! Lastly, some women often feel as if condoms reduce sensitivity and enjoyment. They use arousal gels to get back some of that sensitivity and to enjoy themselves as if they were doing it without a condom!

Final thoughts

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should get yourself an arousal gel. They stimulate, arouse, and give you a variety of sensations no man could give.  Buy one of our best arousal gels today to experience what you’ve been missing! It could be the start of greater, longer and more intense orgasms!

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