Stimulant Prolonger

Keep going for longer – Enjoy yourself more!

If you are suffering from premature ejaculation or you just wish you could go longer, then you are in the right place. We’ve got some of the best delay sprays on sale! Our stock of premium quality sex prolongers will get you pumping her for longer, getting her there, and giving you that great climax you’ve been craving for!

Many men want to “go all night”. Many would take a pill if they thought that could help. However, instead of ingesting pills for this, simply get one of the clinically proven sprays on our site to increase your staying power. The best delay sprays offer you a quick fix to a problem you might have been having for a long time. They don’t require any medical check-up, or extensive training to master, you simply spritz a bit on your member and you will be good to go.

Some of our best sex prolongers are from SYSTEM JO. Now these guys are the kings in the sex toy manufacturing industry. They make some of the most premium toys, lubes, and sprays for men and women. Their best sex prolongers not only delay ejaculation, they also give you a harder and stronger erection to give her the best night of her life. Most of their prolongers can also safely be used with the regular latex condoms.

How the best delay sprays work

Most delay sprays have some sort of mildly numbing or desensitizing ingredient. For example, most JO prolongers contain benzocaine – a powerful local anaesthetic. Other sprays contain lidocaine – another anaesthetic. The key ingredient is often formulated to be less powerful than it normally is. Therefore, just 3 or 4 sprays of this prolonger produces just about the right effect – less sensation – allowing you to last longer than before. However, the effect is not too much that your whole penis is numb and you don’t feel anything. Nobody wants that! On that note, do not spray too much of you might end up just going through the motions to make her climax!

Safety info

Just like when using any other product, there are some things you should do and some things you should not do.  The best delay sprays are not like male enhancement pills or mechanical devices that pose serious health risks to the user. They are applied topically (to the skin) and work perfectly. However, you should wash your hands immediately (with soap) to avoid numbing other areas of your body. Also, check the ingredients of your delay spray to make sure you and your partner are not allergic to anything there!

Using our best sex prolongers!

Delay sprays are all about having fun and pleasure for a few more minutes than before. Get yourself in the mood before spraying. Play with your partner or stimulate yourself until you are just about to penetrate her! When your penis is fully erect apply the spray. Spray lightly three or four times. This is so that you don’t desensitize yourself too much to enjoy the sex.

If you do not feel the delaying effect, spray a little bit more before your next session. We promise, our best delay sprays have been tested and proven to work. You no longer have to worry about cumming after just a couple of pumps. You can really go hard this time and show her a good time!

The best delay sprays in Australia

Here is a fact you should know about, we only stock the very best products in all sex toy categories. All the items you see above are the best and most popular prolongers in Australia. Based on our sales, the best sex prolonger in Australia is the System JO Prolonger. It comes in a sexy cool 2 oz. container that is all about sex. It delays ejaculation and heightens pleasure for both partners. JO Prolonger also makes you harder allowing you to do her better for longer. It is also specially formulated to heighten sensitivity unlike other delay sprays which might slightly reduce sensitivity. It is fully compatible with latex condoms so you continue being protected while using this spray.

As you can see, the best delay sprays might just be what you need to have more fun in your bedroom. Get one now from us and start enjoying yourself more!

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