Sexual pleasure redefined

Push your playmate to elevated heights of pleasure with one of our remarkable sex swings online! For those who wish to try out something new in the bedroom, a sex swing should definitely be at the top of your mind! A sex swing is simply a harness that has been specially designed to enable anal or vaginal penetration of a suspended partner while the other freely moves. Sex swings give full control to the free partner while the suspended partner has no option but to be the former’s slave! If you are into bondage play, then you will definitely enjoy incorporating this accessory into your sex routines.

We have a great variety of sex swings for you to take your pick from. With some of the best sex swings online, you are more likely than not to find something that will satisfy all your kinky desires!

Why use the best sex swings/ harnesses?

  1. Enjoy more superior sensations: Experience even more mind blowing orgasms with one of our swings. All men want to last longer! Sex swings make this possible, and in different positions that you might find it difficult to achieve on your own. The sensations felt are often more varied than those you are normally used as you will be able to hit spots that you’ve never hit before or to feel your penis ‘squeezed’ in ways it has never been before. This often leads to much more powerful orgasms!
  2. Enjoy all sorts of positions: You will not know how flexible you are until you try out one of our swings. Boasting some of the best sex swings online, we are certain you and your partner will discover sex positions you never even thought existed! A sex swing allows you to experiment with new and exciting positions that could be difficult to achieve on your own! With the help of sex swings, there are numerous wonderful and weird ways that the body can be twisted to find the most pleasurable positions for sexual satisfaction. So, whether you are into vaginal, anal, or oral sex, a sex swing can help you find new ways to enjoy your favourite pastime!
  3. Relax and enjoy: Are you getting tired of being the one who always has to do pumping or riding? Well, worry no more! A sex swing allows you to put those feet up and simply relax. You can go longer and stronger without the need to change your preferred sexual position. You can also pull each other closer using the swing, gaining momentum, and achieving more powerful thrusts each time.
  4. Perfect for foreplay: Never undervalue the importance of foreplay. The best sex swings online are not only designed to enhance actual sex but also to make foreplay better. Get her suspended and give her some good oral sex that will have her moaning in no time! Additionally, why not tease and please her most sensitive regions before delving into the real thing? In a sexy suspended position, foreplay is bound to only get better!
  5. Hold your partner in your desired position: Sex swings are perfect to hold your naughty partner in whichever position you desire. A good sex swing will prevent her from wriggling about, ensuring unobstructed views and access to her nether regions. With your partner in position, it is all up to you to make the moves as well as decide when enough is enough. For the more advanced BDSM players, get your partner suspended and enjoy an extraordinary fisting session or medical role play.

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Buy sex swings from our online store and turn those kinky fantasies into reality. Designed with your utmost safety in mind, we are certain that you will enjoy every second spent using this great bondage toy. Our sex swings are created with nothing but the highest quality materials and can withstand even the roughest of plays. Most of the loops and straps have been built using durable materials that will not easily snap or break. What’s more, the overhead bars, steel loops, and levers are also made from top-quality materials that can withstand pressure for extended periods of time. This means you can enjoy kinky playtime without having to worry excessively about safety.

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