Bullets and Eggs

Understanding Egg and bullet Vibrators

Egg and bullet vibrators are some of the most underused sex toys along with Kegel Balls. Many do not know the kind of fun they can get from using these versatile sex toys! The fact that you are here means you want to know a little more about these toys. Without further ado lets us introduce you to them:

Bullet vibrators – buy bullet vibrators online

Simply put, the best bullet vibrators are small (about 0.75 inches wide and 2 inches long), streamlined vibrators that get their name from the fact that they are bullet-shaped. Almost all bullet vibrators are made exclusively for clitoral stimulation. They are not big enough to hit your internal pleasure spots. The vibrations are delivered through the tip or the shaft of the bullet to the clit. What’s more, they can also be used on men by pressing them against the balls. This can bring about tantalizing excitement especially during foreplay! The best bullet vibrators are those that are battery-powered and have easy-to-use controls at the base of the bullet!

Egg vibrators – quality egg vibrators

Egg vibrators are basically vibrators that are made in the shape and size of a typical chicken egg. They are often about 1.25 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches long. This makes them wider than bullet vibrators. They are, however, smaller than other types of vibrators. Quality egg vibrators are those that have powerful motors that deliver exciting sensations when the Egg is switched on and placed against the clit or the outer lips of the vagina. To cut the long story short, Egg vibrators are meant to deliver focused stimulation on the external parts of the body. Some have pull-out strings and can be inserted into the vagina!

Why buy Bullet vibrators and quality Egg vibrators online?

Buying a bullet vibrator or an Egg vibrator at a physical adult toy store is a hassle. You first have to locate the store, and then have to hope that you will meet no one you know inside the store or when coming out of it. The case is not the same when buying such toys online. On websites such as ours, you simply browse the numerous great quality egg and bullet vibrators on this page, find the best toy that suits your needs and then click buy! It is as simple as that and can be done from anywhere.

What is so special about Egg and Bullet vibrators?

  • They are cheap: Most Egg and Bullet vibrators cost less than $50 dollars. This makes these toys a great buy especially for those who are on a budget.
  • They are discreet: The best Bullet and Egg vibrators are pretty small compared to other types of vibes and sex toys! This makes these vibrators perfect for travelling. Imagine walking around with a bullet vibe in your handbag for emergency situations!
  • Both can be used with other toys: The best toys are obviously those that can be used together with other toys to deliver extra stimulation at a different part of the body. Egg and bullet vibrators can be used with strokers, dildos, penis rings, and other toys to amplify the stimulating sensations already being delivered by these other toys!
  • They are silent: The fact that Egg and Bullet vibrators are silent makes them perfect for use even in situations where someone else in relatively close proximity could hear what you are doing. Imagine the excitement of using a Bullet or Egg vibrator in a hotel washroom before going back to a date with your crush!
  • These vibrators are the easiest to control: Because the size of these types of vibrators is often small, manufacturers often add very simple controls to switch the vibrations on or off. This can either through twisting the bottom end of the vibrator or tapping a button. Others are even App controlled!

Final thoughts

As you can see, Egg and Bullet vibrators are some of the best sex toys on the market! They are discreet and can be used to have fun at home or while out on the road. Get the best Bullet Vibrators and the highest quality Egg vibrators from us now!

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