Finger Vibrators

Magic Touch!

Turn your fingertips into your new favourite sex toy with these exciting finger vibrators! There is no better masturbation tool than your finger as you are only one who exactly knows the kind of sexual stimulation that will hurl you into ecstasy. Be in control of your personal satisfaction with one of our finger vibes which convey the vibrations right where you want them the most. These pleasurable beauties slip right on to your finger allowing you to tease and please all those erogenous zones with a just a simple touch.

Do not let their small size fool you; these vibrators pack a punch! Their small and convenient size makes them perfect for use in almost all sexual positions to enhance stimulation. Additionally, this is the perfect sex toy for ladies on-the-go as they are discrete, handy, and perfect for secretive pleasure.

Incredible sex toy for couple’s play

Introducing finger vibrators into your bedroom adventures is a great way of spicing things up. Massage the clit with your finger vibrator during sexual intercourse for enhanced dual-stimulation that will get closer and closer to that toe-curling orgasm with every passing second. You could even use the vibrator on him during foreplay! Get down on your knees and give him the best oral sex he will ever have by teasing him with those vibrations you love. Stroke his balls and cock while giving him a blowjob and enhance sexual stimulation for him. He will, without a doubt reciprocate the good gesture. Once he is satisfied, hand over the finger vibrator to him and let him give you that sensual massage that you have been longing for. Worry not about the fit of the toy as most finger vibrating sex toys have been designed to stretch and accommodate both small and large fingers.

Shiver under his touch when he teases you with this finger vibrating sex toy. Allow him to warm you up with a pleasant nipple and breast massage and then slowly make his way down to your favourite hotspot! Upon landing on your clit, be prepared for the most pleasurable fingering of your life. With the help of a pleasure-enhancing finger vibrating sex toy, his touch will be more arousing than ever!

Finger vibrating sex toys are one of the best sex toys for couples! So, if you plan to enjoy more pleasure with your partner then it is time for you to get yourself one of these.

Get the most from your finger vibrator

Your finger vibrator has just arrived and you just can’t wait to use it. Below are a few tips to help you get the most out of your toy.

  • Do not forget to lubricate. Even though finger vibrators are typically small, lubrication is still of essence. Most of them are created from textured materials that could actually feel harsh against the sensitive clit, but a little lube will soften things up.
  • Use the finger vibe on your nipples, inner thighs, and hips before finally moving it to the clit. This enables your body to familiarize with the new sensations.
  • In case you find yourself struggling to maintain your finger vibrator in place, then you might actually need to adjust its position on your finger. If it is wildly slipping around move it further down the finger, and if it is too rigid move it further up towards the tip of your finger.
  • Do not ignore the thumb! Wearing the vibrator on the thumb provides a great and unique sensation.

Best Finger vibrators online

Are you in search of the best finger vibrators online? 69playtime’ collection of finger vibrators includes vibrators of different designs and styles to suit everyone’s needs and desires. You will be amazed by how diverse and interesting our selection is.

Featuring a quiet motor and several vibration functions and patterns for you to enjoy, our vibrating finger sex toys introduce just the required amount of buzz to your steamy sessions. Apart from the vibrating feature, our finger vibrators also feature ribbing, nubs, as well as other pleasurable textures for added sensations during playtime. That’s not all! Some are also waterproof allowing you to enjoy them in the bath or shower.

If you do not already have one of these sex toys, then you do not know the real meaning of sexual stimulation. Get yourself one and enjoy the great benefits offered!

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