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G-spot vibrators Australia

Double the fun in your next solo session or during foreplay with your lover by getting one of our stunning superior quality G-spot vibrators! G-spot vibrators are specifically designed to tease and please the G-spot (located on the front wall of the vagina). The best G-spot vibrators have a curved shape near the front tip. This design is the key to maximum pleasure as it allows the tip to rest exactly where it needs to – on the G-spot! The vibrating motor is often located as close as possible to the tip so as to deliver waves of tantalizing vibrations directly to the G-spot. The best G-spot vibrators are those that are waterproof. Waterproof vibrators allow you to have wet fun in the shower, tub, or Jacuzzi without having to worry about destroying your toy. We have many other types of G-spot vibrators for your enjoyment.

There might be many sites selling G-spot vibrators in Australia but none of them offers the kind of discounts we do! We have a wide selection of quality G-spot vibrators of various shapes, sizes, materials, and speeds. There is no way you will not find one to suit your needs! All the toys in this collection are guaranteed to deliver great pleasure and satisfaction!

Using G-spot vibrators

Getting the best G-spot vibrator in Australia without knowing how to correctly use it wouldn’t be wise, right? That’s why we deemed it fit to give you a few tips on how to go about using these toys. Whether you are an amateur or an experienced user of these types of toys, you need to know how to get the most out of your G-spot vibrator.

As mentioned above, the G-spot is located on the front wall of the vagina. For most women, this is the main pleasure spot. The right amount of sweet, arousing stimulation to this part of the female anatomy guarantees a strong and memorable orgasm. The actual location of this famed pleasure spot is 2 to 3 inches deep. Most high-quality vibes are made in such a way that they can easily reach this part of the vagina just by inserting the curved tip. Here are four tips to on how to use your G-spot vibrators correctly:

  1. Apply generous amounts of your favourite sex lubricant on the toy and the entrance of the vagina. This will help prepare you mentally and to make the insertion easier!
  2. Make sure the front tip is facing upwards. This is the only way it will rest perfectly on the G-spot.
  3. You will know you have hit the right spot when you switch on the vibrator. The vibrating sensations will be delivered directly to the G-spot and by now you should definitely be enjoying the excitement down below! If you do not feel anything gently push the vibe further inside (about half a centimetre each time) to find your G-spot.
  4. As always use a good sex toy cleaner to clean up your toy between playtimes.

As you can see, using quality G-spot vibrators is super-easy. Apply lube, insert, and push a little bit forward to find the G-spot if you haven’t found it. Choose one of the best G-post vibrators in Australia from our massive collection. We will package it and send it to you discreetly without any labels or sender details!

What sets G-spot vibrators apart?

There are several types of vibrators available on 69PLAYTIME including rabbit vibrators, clitoral vibrators, and pearl vibrators among others. G-spot vibrators are special in the sense that they are specifically made for G-spot stimulation. All the vibrating sensation is focused on the G-spot. This makes these toys the best for internal vaginal stimulation. Best G-spot vibrators are made of body-safe materials such as 100% medical-grade silicone to prevent any kinds of infections, or itchiness from developing. So choose the best toys for your main pleasure spot.

Get the best G-spot vibrators from 69playtime and your nights will never be the same again!

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