Wand Massagers

Commonly referred to as the Cadillac of vibrators, wand massagers convey powerful, deep vibrations in a discreet manner. Ingeniously disguised as back massagers, these sex toys have been around for more than 100 years.  The wand massager differs from the traditional vibrator in that the former is not designed for penetration, but instead for stimulation of the clitoris or use on other external parts of the body. Most wand massagers have a huge, round, flexible head which is capable of bending and vibrating against a broader surface area, which makes these toys perfect for use as body massagers. Vibrating massagers convey powerful and satisfying vibrations through the body relieving it from any aches and pains.

Why are wand massagers a favourite?

These massagers can be used in different ways; they are perfect body massagers as well as clitoral stimulators. Wand massagers are perfect for massaging the back, shoulders, and even the calf. When pressed against these regions, relaxing vibrations are sent right through the skin and into the body leaving the user feeling relaxed and less tensed. Furthermore, as everyone knows, sensual massage is an incredible way of introducing a lit bit of fun into the bedroom and is a great addition to foreplay. You never know what will follow next!

On the other hand, when used for sexual stimulation, explosive and body-shaking orgasms are inevitable. Vibrating massagers are suitable for both couple’s play and masturbation. Whichever way used, nothing less than maximum satisfaction is to be expected. With this type of toy, you will get to experience clitoral stimulation at a whole new level! Whether an advanced, intermediate, or amateur player, you will certainly enjoy every second spent using a wand massager!

Kinky Times offers a broad selection of vibrating massagers sure to please all. One of the most popular models in our collection is the Body Wand Massager. This powerful wand massager is exactly what you need to provide that intense sexual stimulation you have long been craving for. Featuring a simple, one finger control at the shaft, the power of erotic satisfaction lies in the palm of your hand. Simply plug it into an electric socket and you will be good to go. Apart from being a great clitoral stimulator, this massager is also perfect for muscle relaxation. Its multiple speeds of vibration allow the user to customize the intensity of the vibrations based on what they want. In addition, the flexible neck makes it easy for the massager to access different body parts. Another good option is the Battery-powered Mini Wand Massager. This is a smaller version of the body wand massager. It is one of the best sellers because unlike most vibrators, it is travel-friendly.

Benefits of Massagers

Apart from delivering pleasure, massagers benefit the body a lot. First, massagers relax the tensioned and tired body muscles. The powerful vibrations conveyed by these items through the body have an effect of relieving tension, leaving you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! Second, massagers also enhance blood circulation. By relaxing the tense muscles, blood circulation throughout the body is improved. Lastly, once the body is fully relaxed, the female genitalia becomes very sensitive to stimulation. Stimulation is easily conveyed to the region as blood circulation is enhanced. A heightened degree of stimulation is attained with this process.

You cannot afford to miss out on these great benefits any longer. Get your massager now while stocks last. It is worth every dollar spent; a great value for money!

Buy Massagers online

If you are looking for a site to buy massagers online then you are looking at the right place! Boasting a huge collection of high-quality wand massagers, we are certain that you will find something to satisfy your sexual needs. Buy massagers online at Kinky Times and enjoy great prices and discounts like no other on the market!

For several years now, massagers have been the go-to sex toy for many women. They are a must-have item, whether you intend to use one for sensual enjoyment or for soothing body massages.

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