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What is a Premium Range Vibrators?

A premium range of vibrators is a collection that features only the highest quality vibes! These vibes include toys from renowned international brands such as Lelo, Ovo, California Exotics, and Sportsheets, and other manufacturers that have been carefully filtered by our quality department. Thus, if you need a luxurious, superior quality toy in Australia, you now know the site to go to! Have blast during your next solo session or playtime with your partner by buying one of our exclusive premium range toys in the collection above!

Why get you luxury vibrator from us?

Whichever brand product you want to buy you most probably want to order it on Why? Because our site is one of the most discreet when it comes to the selling and shipping of adult toys. It is not a must to sign up to our mailing list before you make your purchase. We also ship our premium range products in plain packaging. No labelling to show where your package has come from and what’s inside. One hundred percent discretion is just one of the several features that have made us the go-to online adult store for luxury vibrators!

What sets our premium range vibrators apart?

An increasing number of toys are making it into our premium range category. But how really do we classify a vibrator or any other toy for that matter as premium? Simple, we look at the quality and how durable the toy is. For instance, the higher the quality of a toy the higher the likelihood it will have a warranty or even a guarantee! A warranty/ guarantee shows how confident the manufacturer is about the product. Apart from this assurance we also check the price. The higher the price the more likely a product is to be of a higher quality. Most importantly, we physically inspect every toy to make sure it is of the best quality before we add to this category. We do this to ensure our customers get what they are expecting when they start reviewing our premium range vibrators subcategory!

In our physical inspections we check out the build, the vibrating motor, and the quality of the material used to make the vibrator. The build should obviously be sleek and solid with no visible defects, the motor should be working as expected, and the material used as casing should be of the highest quality. The best quality material used to make luxury vibrators is medical-grade silicone. It is hygienic, feels soft on the skin, warms quickly when touched, and is quite easy to clean. Last but not least, as you browse our Premium Range Vibrators subcategory you will find out that most of the products have wireless, easy-to-use controls! Start browsing this extensive subcategory now to find your favourite luxury vibrator!

Using our quality vibrators

Our premium range vibrators are the best vibrators we have in stock! In other words, these are our brand ambassadors! We expect these products to deliver the kind of excitement, arousal, pleasure, satisfaction one would expect from the very best vibrator in the world! We know that any sort of disappointment will not only hurt the original manufacturer but also us as the distributors. This is why we do thorough checks on vibes before tagging them as premium-quality products!

When using any other toy on your body it is crucial to first read the specific instructions on the product manual. Even though each product might have its unique instructions, some tips/ instructions remain universal (can be applied when using any vibrator). Here are the three major ones.

  1. Always apply lube. Lube will help prepare you mentally and will make it easier and more pleasurable to insert the vibe if need be!
  2. Start slow. Start using the vibrator at its lowest vibration setting before gradually increasing the speed as your body demands more of the sensation!
  3. Always clean your toys. You should always clean your toys after every use. You should obviously take a breather and enjoy every ounce of the excitement before picking up your toy cleaner!

Premium range vibrators are the highest quality vibrators we have in stock. Browse our extensive range now to find one for your specific needs!

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