Rabbit Vibrators

Pleasure on a Whole New Level!

A Rabbit Vibrator is the one sex toy that every sexually active woman should have! The popularity of Rabbit Vibrators soared from 1998 onwards when Sex and the City aired an episode in which one of its main actors declined to leave her bedroom after trying out the Rabbit for the very first time. Since then, curious women all over the world have made it a point to try out Rabbit Vibrators at least once in their lifetimes!

Why the name Rabbit Vibrator?

It is referred to as a Rabbit Vibrator because it has a pair of bunny-shaped “ears”. These Rabbit ears rest squarely on the clit when the vibrator is inserted into the vagina. This delivers an exciting combination of vaginal and clitoral stimulation when the Rabbit Vibrator is switched on!

How Rabbit Vibrators work

On one hand, the main shaft of a Rabbit Vibrator will often feature beads inside it that twirl around and stimulate the vaginal walls. The beads are normally strategically positioned in such a way that they twirl against the most sensitive region of the vagina. The clit, on the other hand, will receive direct stimulation from the bunny ears.

Simply put, you get to experience the best of both worlds. You will savour the joy of penetration and internal stimulation combined with heavenly clitoral stimulation! The simultaneous arousal of these two pleasure spots can only lead to one thing – explosive orgasms! What more could one ask for in a sex toy?

Getting the Most of out of Rabbit Vibrators

Despite the massive popularity of Rabbit Vibrators, quite a number of women have never tried them out! If you fall in this category, here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Start slow: Kick things off with some slow, gentle play and then gradually pick up the pace. Let the pressure build up slowly. The orgasm at the end of it all will be worth the wait!
  • Make use of those rabbit ears: The rabbit ears have been specifically designed for clitoral stimulation. Experiment with the different vibration speeds to find the one that suits you the best.
  • Experiment with different positions: When having sex with your partner, chances are that you do not stay in the same position throughout the intercourse. So why should it be any different when using a Rabbit dildo? Start off in the missionary position then switch things up to see what works best for you.
  • Try couple’s play: Even though Rabbit dildos are great for masturbation, this does not mean that you cannot invite your partner over for some fun! Adding the use of a Rabbit dildo into your sexual repertoire could really spice up your sex life!

Buy Rabbit Vibrators online

Whether you are just starting out with Rabbit Vibrators, or you’re simply looking for another toy to add to your personal collection, has got you covered! We have plenty of Rabbit Vibrators available in different sizes, textures, colours, and shapes. You are more likely than not to find something that meets all your naughty needs on our site!

All the Rabbit Vibrators in our collection have been specially designed with all the right features needed to enhance solo play! What’s more, our Rabbit dildos can also be used by one partner on another during foreplay!

Apart from the basic design, there are many other brands and styles of Rabbit dildos available on our site! We have models with gyrating heads, thrusting tips, and even those with rotating shafts.  And for a three-in-one experience, there is a triple-action Rabbit Vibrator that delivers simultaneous vaginal, anal, and clitoral stimulation, with different speeds for each erotic zone.

Browse through our remarkable collection of Rabbit Vibrators and place your order right away. If for any reason you do not like the idea of Rabbit vibrators, there are thousands of other exciting adult toys you could check out on 69playtime! Simply go to our homepage and start from there!

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