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Vibrating panties are becoming more and more popular nowadays! Women in many places around the globe are recounting the crazy adventures they have had wearing these panties to restaurants, house parties, and movie theaters generating even more interest in the toys!

What are vibrating panties?

Vibrating panties are basically women undergarments that deliver scintillating external stimulation to the clit and the outer lips of the vagina! The best vibrating panties are fitting, remote-controlled, and can be worn for prolonged periods of time without feeling any discomfort! Imagine hands-free stimulation during foreplay, or having one of these on when out and about with your partner! The mad adventures will be unforgettable! Get the best vibrating panties in Australia by browsing our collection.

Buying vibrating Panties

The thrill of experiencing intense body shaking orgasm in public is incomparable to any other sexual adventure for most people. The discreet nature of these panties allow you to have such experiences anywhere without having your hands down there.

We are, hands down, one of Australia’s best online sex stores! We boast some of the best discounted vibrating panties online. Simply find what works for you, add to cart, and check out. We will then ship the panties to you discreetly in a plain parcel! How great is that?

Enjoying your new pair of panties – Why you might not want to leave home without the best vibrating panties

No other adult toy begs to be used in public as much as a pair of vibrating panties! The moment you get them you will want to try them out in public! Some vibrating panties have removable vibes. This allows you to walk around more comfortably with the underwear before slipping it in once you are closer to your destination. Keep in mind that some vibrating panties are louder than others! You might want to check out the vibration levels at home first before using them in public. But still, the best vibrating panties, such as the ones we stock, are so quiet that you can barely hear them especially under jeans, or any other piece of clothing!

To make things much more stimulating, hand over the remote to your partner and watch him or her make you wet and orgasm in public at the touch of a button! Imagine stuffing popcorns into your mouth to cut out your little moans while at the cinemas, or steeling yourself with a shot of tequila or any other hard drink to double the fun at a club; those are the kinds of crazy adventures you could have in public with these panties on.

Quite a number of men also buy these panties for play in the bedroom. Vibrating panties are great for role-playing. They can be used to deliver punishments and rewards! Other vibrating panties have an open crotch meaning you can wear them whilst having penetrative sex!

How to choose the best vibrating panties in Australia?

Above everything else, a vibrating panty is simply an underwear! What do you consider first before buying any underwear or any other clothing for that matter? The size, right! Make sure you check out the size of the pair of vibrating panties before clicking buy. The good news, however, is that most vibrating panties come in a one-size that fits most! This means that it will fit most of the women who buy this type of underwear!

The second most important consideration should be your preferences. You might want a lacy vibrating underwear, one with removable vibes, external stimulators, internal stimulators or ones which are remote-controlled! Only you know your preferences! We have comprehensive descriptions on each toy to help you make an informed purchase based on your preferences!

Experience cheeky fun in public by getting one of best vibrating panties online from us! We only stock superior quality toys on our site, meaning that whatever you choose is more likely than not to be one of the best brands available anywhere in the world! Have some sexy fun by getting one of these unique pairs of underwear for that special date night with your partner or simply for a pleasurable night out in town!

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