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Do you want to take your oral sex game to the next level? If so, you are in the right corner of the Web! We at have sourced the very best oral sex aids to help you take your sex life to the next level!

What is a vibrating tongue?

A vibrating tongue is basically a vibrator that is made specifically to deliver delicious licking sensations to the clit and the outer lips of the vagina! You simply switch on the vibrator and have the best playtimes alone. The best vibrating tongues slowly stimulate the clit building up to an explosive orgasm! The tantalizing sensations delivered by the very best vibrating tongues are to die for! You won’t miss the real thing even a bit with a handy tongue vibe in your bedside drawer.

Why buy vibrating tongues online – from us?

Sex toys are some of the most awkward products to buy in a physical shop. If you have ever bought a toy at a physical sex shop then you know about the awkward moments at the counter when checking out, and how the thought of bumping into someone you know in the store or when leaving the store might scare you shitless! Sites such as ours allow you to find and compare the best vibrating tongues online from the comfort of your home! No more awkward moments with the store clerk. Furthermore, you get to read descriptions and reviews of the product before making your purchase decision. With us, the deal is even sweeter! We will make sure your privacy is guaranteed by delivering the tongue vibe in a plain parcel – no label indicating what’s inside the package! That way not even your nosy flatmate will know what you bought unless you show it to them (or they hear you moaning with pleasure which is really up to you)!

What are the best vibrating tongues?

The best are those that closely mimic the tongue action of a good giver of oral sex!

How to use the best vibrating tongue toys

The best vibrating tongue vibes deserve great care! You don’t just buy them, use them, and leave them there! You have to buy new batteries, and clean it well with the appropriate toy cleaner after every use! By doing this, it will last longer and give you great oral service whenever the craving strikes! Take care of your toy and it will take care of you!

Move slowly at first! Everyone knows how strong a new sensation feels especially the first time! Make sure you set the tongue vibe to its lowest vibration setting! Also, press it lightly against your mound to get a feel of the vibrating sensation before gently pressing the vibe against your clit. This way you will get yourself mentally prepared for the delicious sensations down there! Moving slowly at first not only gets you mentally prepared but also builds up the arousal inevitably leading to an explosive climax!

As you get used to the feel of the tongue and the lower vibrating sensations try medium and then higher vibrating speeds for more exciting solo sessions! Most tongues are waterproof, check first and then try pleasing yourself in the shower or bathtub. Believe you me, you will like it!

Variety of vibrating tongues in Australia

There are many different types of oral sex toys/ aids. The vibrating tongue is just one of them! Other interesting adult toys made to increase the thrills and pleasure of oral sex include the vibrating tongue bar and vibrating rings. Vibrating tongue bars are slipped over the tongue turning it into a wet exciting vibrator! These bars can be used by both men and women. On the other hand, vibrating rings are worn in place of a tongue piercing. They deliver a unique vibrating sensation!

As you can see, oral sex doesn’t need to be boring. You simply need a powerful tongue vibe and then get better at using it! Imagine the adventures you could have with one of our best-vibrating tongues within the bedroom or in a hotel room with your partner! Check out this subcategory every now and then as we will be adding new, exciting toys to help you have a more exciting oral sex experience! Find the best vibrating tongue online – right here on this page to discover electrifying oral sex experiences!

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