7-Speed Bunny Vibrator – Silicone Big Ear Bunny

$93.90 $51.45


7-Speed Bunny Vibrator – Silicone Big Ear Bunny

$93.90 $51.45

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7-Speed Bunny Vibrator – Silicone Big Ear Bunny

Vibrators come in several different styles, but none of them looks like and is as effective as this silicone massager! This bunny vibrator has a unique design and a couple of supreme features that could leave you wet with excitement just by thinking of the many different ways it could pleasure you! For starters, the design is unique! Unlike the typical bunny or rabbit vibrators, this one is not insertable. It is meant for external stimulation through incredible massage and clitoral stimulation! The two big bunny ears have a wide surface area for the ultimate full-body massage. The wide surface area and the fact that each bunny ear has its own motor allows for a more sensual massage on the shoulders, the back, and behind the thighs!

The whole of this powerful massager is made of silky-smooth, body-safe silicone. And even though this silicone massager has a wide surface area for better body massage, it is small enough to work on the clit. Imagine the pulsations from both bunny ears to the clit! Now that’s what we call double pleasure! With this clitoral vibrator, you also get to enjoy up to 7 unique vibrating patterns ranging from a slow and gentle buzz to fast pulsating speeds! Get this powerful massager now for the ultimate clitoral stimulation and full-body massage!

Features and Benefits

  • This is a clitoral vibrator that is built to deliver exciting pulsations to the clit for
    incredible clitoral orgasms
  • Powerful massager coated with silky-smooth and body-safe silicone for maximum
    comfort and safety
  • Has a tough ABS plastic core making it durable and long lasting
  • Two bunny ears with a wide surface area for the perfect massage
  • Each bunny ear comes with its own motor
  • A silicone massager with multiple stimulating patterns for you to enjoy


Materials: Silicone plus ABS core
Function: Vibrating (multi-speed)
Two powerful motors
Size: Hand-sized


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