Bolero Straightjacket

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Bolero Straitjacket
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Bolero Straightjacket

$119.00 $59.00


Bolero Straitjacket

Just like any other self-respecting Bolero jacket, this one is short and leaves plenty of skin and the breasts out for play!

This is the best bondage restraint. This is because it provides total restraint. There is no way your partner could escape from it if correctly worn!

Imagine the kind of fun you could have with it. Its total restraint means your partner is not only physically helpless but is also feeling kind of vulnerable. This will heighten his or her senses making any form of contact much more pleasurable!

As mentioned earlier, this Bolero Straitjacket leaves almost everything out particularly the breasts. This is perfect for nipple torture and nipple play. Imagine using your favourite clamps on her, while she is there wriggling and not able to move a muscle.

What’s more, apart from giving you the complete submission of your sub to your naughty desires, this BDSM restraint also has multiple rings that allowing you to attach ropes or any other form of restraints for even more serious bondage play.

Grab the best bondage restraint now, while stocks last!

P.S.: All BDSM play should be sane, safe, and consensual!

Key Features and Benefits

  • Great straitjacket available in all black
  • Provides total restraint; there is no escaping from it
  • Made of real cowhide leather for maximum restraint and durability
  • Sold at a relatively affordable price compared to other straitjackets
  • Leaves out most of the torso including the breasts for nipple torture
  • Has multiple adjustable leather straps for a more secure but comfortable fit
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Perfect for veteran players and intermediates looking for a challenge


  • Brand: Generic
  • Colour: Black
  • Material: Leather
  • Function: Best bondage restraint
  • Dimensions: One size fits most
  • Other: Bolero straitjacket; Relatively inexpensive

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