Staggered Ball Anal Beads

$47.00 $23.50

Staggered Ball Anal Beads
Staggered Ball Butt Plug 3

Staggered Ball Anal Beads

$47.00 $23.50

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Staggered Ball Anal Beads

This Staggered Ball Anal Beads toy is an excellent option for those looking for a unique yet extremely enjoyable anal masturbation experience!  The staggered design might be slightly intimidating to beginners but the sensations it provides are exceptionally pleasurable! The kind of sensations that trigger multiple anal orgasms! In addition to the staggered design, these unique anal beads are also size-graduated with the one with the smallest girth (1.6 cm) located at the top and the size gradually increasing to the one with the widest girth at the bottom (3.8 cm).

This tapered design allows you to slowly ease yourself into anal play! It also amplifies stimulation especially when gently pulling out this toy! What’s even more exciting about this toy is the fact that it comes with a suction cup base! With this you can stick these unique silicone anal beads to any flat surface for an incredible hands-free masturbation experience!  Last but not least, this toy is made of medical-grade silicone! This material is smooth and is also very hygienic. Hurry and get this incredible toy now while stocks last!

Key Features and Benefits

  • Velvety smooth and extremely pleasurable silicone anal beads
  • Available in two exciting color options – Neon Pink and Black
  • Has a suction cup at the base for exciting hands-free masturbation experiences
  • Staggered, size-graduated design for unique and pleasurable anal sex
  • Tapered design allows you to slowly ease yourself onto the toy
  • Maximum ball size is at a manageable diameter of 3.8 centimeters
  • Perfect for relaxing anal muscles for human penetration
  • Great for those looking for a unique anal masturbation experience


Color: Pink/ Black
Material: Silicone
Function: Anal stimulation
Dimensions: 15 by 6.6 cm
Weight: 125 g
Other: Suction cup; Waterproof


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