Tenga Egg 6-Pack

$59.00 $28.00

Tenga Egg 6-Pack
Tenga Egg 6-Pack 1
Tenga Egg 6-Pack 2
Tenga Egg 6-Pack 3
Tenga Egg 6-Pack 4

Tenga Egg 6-Pack

$59.00 $28.00

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Tenga Eggs 6-Pack

Tenga Eggs are some of the most innovative and unique masturbators ever made.  They are designed to offer you quick and discreet pleasure on the go or even when at home. These unique masturbators are egg-shaped which makes it kind of difficult for someone else to guess their use if they have never seen or heard of them before. They are also designed and priced as disposable masturbators. No more having to store or carry around big toys when on the go. Simply order this pack of 6 and dispose of each egg after use.  This Tenga Eggs pack of 6 is a masturbating starter pack. It comes with six eggs all of which have different types of textures.

This can help you to quickly find out which textures get you off faster.The Stepper Tenga Egg has sunk semi-circles, the Clicker is lined with prominent spheres, the Spider has web patterns, while the Silky egg has a comes with a thread-spun pattern. To use, remove the upper shrink wrapping and then proceed to open the egg case and reveal the “ona-cup” – the stretchy sleeve you are supposed to wear. At this point, apply the lubricant supplied, wear it like a condom and twist or stroke as desired.  Hurry and get these unique masturbators now to start having fun!

Key Features and Benefits

  • A masturbating starter pack with a variety of 6 sensations for you to choose from
  • Has a starting length of 5 cm and a starting width of 4.5 cm but can stretch to accommodate most sizes
  • Comes with a lubricant included to enhance play even further
  • Discreet masturbators that look exactly like real eggs
  • Can be used to stimulate the penis head alone or the head and the entire shaft
  • Designed for one-time use
  • Texturing patterns/ sensations delivered are labelled on the eggs and shown on the surfaces


Brand: TENGA
Color: White + other
Material: Soft and stretchy
Function: Stretchy masturbator
Dimensions: 5 by 4.5 cm
Weight: Negligible
Other: Lubricants included; One size fits most


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